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Reykjavik Hotels and Apartments

Great deals on hotels in Reykjavik - Best price Guaranteed - €20 Deposit and flexible payment options.

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Accommodation in Reykjavik

The port city Reykjavik welcomes you with hotels and apartments lined in every street with colourful rooftops. The city is spread over a large area with low density suburbs, widely spread and spaced and has plenty of options - from polished upscale luxury accommodation to budget hostels, and family friendly hotels to adult only hideouts for couples and honeymooners. As such finding an accommodation in Reykjavik is really easy. Hringbraut, Posthusstraeti, Laugavegur, Hagatorg, Sudurhlid, Efstaland, Grensasvegur, Armula, Sitgun, etc. are ideal for finding cheap hotels in Reykjavik. You can also find apartments in Reykjavik all over the city if you want to stay the Icelandic way.

Reykjavik Overview

Reykjavik is the capital and the largest city of Iceland, located on southwestern part of the country. Reykjavik literally translates to “Smoky Bay”. The ancient city of Reykjavik is believed to be one of earliest settlements of Iceland. What started as trading port town is now a newly flourished and largest city of Iceland and still upgrading in terms of economy and tourism. Ellioaa river runs through Reykjavik, which is non-navigable but known to be one of the best salmon fishing rivers. The capital city is close to Mount Esja which is nature’s haven. Peninsulas, coves, straits, islands will greet you on your Reykjavik holiday.

Where to Stay on your Reykjavik Holiday

You can easily find an accommodation in Reykjavik, in the city centre as well as the marina. Solo travellers can go for hostels in Reykjavik like Hlemmur Square, Capital Inn, Bus Hostel Reykjavik, Kex, Reykjavik hostel, Oddsson hostel, etc. are some of the youth hostels if you want to stay longer. Couples can find apartments and upscale guesthouses in Reykjavik easily - Aurora Guest house, Hotel Cabin, Atlantic apartments and rooms, 101 Guesthouse, Travel Inn, Rainbow guesthouse, etc. are some other budget friendly options. There are many 5-star hotel chains for those looking for luxury on their Reykjavik holiday. Hilton, Radisson Blu, etc.

Things to See and Do in Reykjavik

The city of Reykjavik is strategically located on the south Faxa Bay making it an ideal holiday destination with various attractions. History lovers will love to visit the Hofdi House, Volcano house, National Museum of Iceland, the Settlement exhibition, Saga Museum and Pufa while nature lovers can go for Magmadive, Krysuvik Geothermal Area, Videy Island, whale watching and Buggy adventures. You can also visit Harpa Concert Hall and Conference centre hosts music events and also offers 360° views of the city, the one of its kind Aurora Reykjavik light museum, Whales of Iceland that exhibits life size whale models, Solfar Sun Voyager sculpture, Hallgrimskirkja modern cathedral, etc. on your Reykjavik holiday.

Reykjavik Nightlife

In Reykjavik, from Vesturgata street to Laugavegur street - the stretch in between is lined with bars, clubs and pubs, some of which have dance floors as well. The bars are usually open around till 1 am here, and some are also open 24 hours. Pablo Disco bar, Players, B 5 and Austur are the top clubs here that also has dance floors and hosts most attractive parties of the city. Kaffibarinn, Bar 11, Dillon, the Reykjavik bar crawl, Den Danske Kro, etc. are other well-known bars with live music. Some bars that are open till late and also offer great food include the English Pub, Skuli Craft bar, Priko EFH, Bar Ananas and Kiki Queer bar. Reykjavik is a city that hosts festivals and events all the year round, a few of which are Winter Light Festival in Feb, film and music festivals, Design March, Food and Fun Fest, Secret Solstice festival and much more.

Food in Reykjavik

The traditional cuisine of Reykjavik is Icelandic cuisine that comprises mostly of lamb, dairy and fish. Some of the must try traditional dishes include skyr, hangikjöt (smoked lamb), kleinur, laufabrauo, and bollur. Porramatur traditional buffet is served during winter fests in the city everywhere that you must try on your Reykjavik holiday. It comprises of meat and fish dishes, breads and homemade beverage. You will find a variety of restaurants starting from Laugavegur Street till the marina in Grandavegur - from modern bistros to cafes and family friendly restaurants. Grillmarkadurinn, Glo, Fish Company, Ostabudin, Apotek, Messinn, Bergsson Fish and Chips, etc. are some of the popular ones that offer great food and dining experience. Here you will also find many restaurants with Danish cuisine also.

Reykjavik Shopping places

Constant urbanization and a booming tourist hub has led to opening many malls and shopping plazas in Reykjavik. Laugavegur is the main shopping street of Reykjavik thriving with many smaller shopping streets and local shops good for buying souvenirs, Viking theme souvenirs, accessories, bags, jewelry, hand knit items, ice gear and fashion or Icelandic clothes. The shops are open here from 10 am to 6 pm. Smáralind Shopping Center is the largest in Iceland and conveniently located at the center of the capital area. 12 Toner, Nordic store, Hand knitting Association of Iceland, Thorvaldsen Bazar, Myconceptstore, Litla Jolabudin, etc. are some of the well-known options you will find on your Reykjavik Holiday. The city is still upgrading and you will find increasing number of shopping chains opening next to hotels in Reykjavik.

Interesting facts about Reykjavik

The city experiences subpolar oceanic climate and the best time to book your low cost holiday in Reykjavik is May to September, when the rainfall is less and there are ample days of bright and sunny days. The first parliament in Europe was set up in Iceland in 930 AD. The geographical significance of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Pingvellir is one of the two places in the world where you can see two of the earth's tectonic plates meeting above the earth's surface. As Iceland is formed by harsh geographic phenomena of volcanoes and glaciers, it has minimal forests. Just two degrees south of the Arctic Circle, Reykjavik is the northernmost capital on the planet. The Viking were the first settlements in Iceland who came around 800 AD, hence the Viking connection.

Fast Facts about Reykjavik:

Currency: Icelandic Krone

Language: Icelandic

Nearest Airport: Keflavik International Airport

Transfer time from airport to Reykjavik: 40 minutes

Flight time from Dublin to Reykjavik: 2 hours 45 minutes

Time difference between Dublin and Reykjavik: No time difference between Dublin and Reykjavik



Average Temperature (°C) is unavailable

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Reykjavik Reviews

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10/10 Amazing

26 August 2010

Great place with some mind-blowing natural sights on its doorstep!

Reykjavik is a great place to base yourself in Iceland if you plan to do a combination of checking out the city's sights (most of which can be covered in a day) plus a few trips out. We went on the Golden Circle tour, the Blue Lagoon tour (an absolute MUST for any travellers to Iceland!!), plus a day trip by air to Kulusuk in Greenland. It was a great combination of things to see and do, as I think 5 days spent in Reykjavik alone could be rather boring. My best bits....check out the great views of Reykjavik from the top of either (or both!) Perlan or the Hallgrimskirka. The former is free, the latter a couple of pounds, which is not that expensive at all considering the general cost of many other things in Iceland! Also, spend a late afternoon/early evening bathing in the naturally heated waters of the Blue Lagoon....it is the most magically experience and probably one which will entice you back to Reykjavik one day. All in all, a great place for a city break, but be sure to get out of the city, too, to experience what is visually one of the most spectacular countries in Europe!

10/10 Amazing

03 June 2012

Wonderfully located, cosmopolitan feel, friendly and interesting people. Very good value tax-free Shopping!

I had wanted to visit Iceland since I can remember, so this was my trip of a lifetime. We booked 6 nights in Reykjavik and planned to do various excursions to get a feel of the country. Reykjavik itself has more than you need even if you don't go on excursions. It's worth just looking at the streetmap which highlights the key buildings of interest etc. We spent a day doing our own 'city walk' and worked our way around the places that interested us. There were some wonderful buildings and architecture too. Having heard so much about the 'Blue Lagoon' we eventually decided against it because it sounded so touristy. Instead, we spent one of our mornings at Reykjavik's Laugardalslaug Geothermal Pool, which was only 20 minutes walk from our hotel. It cost the equivalent of £2.50 per adult entrance and contained an olympic size outdoor pool, and indoor pool, a thermal leisure pool, hot tubs etc etc. It was very relaxing and ideal for adults and children alike. The pools were part of a larger complex of sports halls, parks, football stadium etc. It was a great place for all ages and impressive to experience. I was pleasantly surprised at the opportunities for some bargain shopping here too, particularly outdoor gear. We stocked up on good quality outdoor coats, rucksacks etc which would have been very expensive in the UK, but probably cost about 30% less over here. On top of that, you can claim the tax back, which makes everything even cheaper. The shops give you a special receipt which you cash in at the airport in depatures. As expected, food and drink did cost more, but not as expensive as I thought. It's usually the drinks that bump things up. A glass of wine is usually about £5, or £20+ for a bottle (depending on what you buy), beer is about £4 for a pint. There are plenty of fast food places as well as quality restaurants. Our most expensive meal was on our last night when we went to a fish buffet restaurant (help yourself to as much as you want). It included starters and desserts (lots of it, plus cheese). We shared a bottle of wine and the bill came to around £75. Other nights we paid around £40 for the 2 of us, which would include a drink each (or a carafe of wine).

The best thing about my stay was ...

The atmosphere, the architecture, the people, the views. Everything!

10/10 Amazing

17 November 2011

nature and people, but not staying too long

good goal, and a good start, buy everything you need on a trip, come the weekend, do not count the money - or confident - you have too little, but be sure - you must be here

The best thing about my stay was ...

capital that is not crazy - like the city that want to be big and modern only

10/10 Amazing

24 May 2012


One of the best capital cities I have been to. No big chain stores/eateries to be seen in the immediate vicinity which is refreshing! The city is very small and can be walked around in a few hours. Go on the tours! The Blue lagoon is a must - it really is very good and the Golden Circle tour using any of the tour operators is an absolute must. If you dont do this tour then you will not have seen Iceland. Reykjavik itself, because it is small doesnt have a lot to do but there are some smaller museums (fee applies) but generally the scenery is amazing and the people are the most friendly people ever and are fluent in English. There are so many spas dotted over the city withing walking distance. Visit them - they are cheap (<£3) and are open to the public til 10pm and are so relaxing! A great city with great people!!

The best thing about my stay was ...

The people

8/10 Great

25 June 2012

Stunning views & friendly people

A special place for nature lovers & Geologists. Breath that clean air and immerse yourself in the warm geothermal waters and you can't go wrong!

The best thing about my stay was ...

Nature at its best

8/10 Great

04 January 2011

We did mainly countryside.

We didn't really spend enouth time in the city area to comment. But what little we saw was very pleasant, appeared to be safe and had heaps and heaps of shops.

The best thing about my stay was ...

We really loved the fireworks.

6/10 Good

08 September 2010


Good place

The best thing about my stay was ...

Hot springs