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Marrakech Hotels and Apartments

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Accommodation in Marrakech

The Modern city of Marrakech welcomes you with a mix of traditional and contemporary style architecture. The areas of Bin Lkchali, Hivernage, Touareg, Bab Aylan, Kbour Chou, are all thriving with hotels and apartments in Marrakech. Many luxury hotel chains like Four Seasons, Radisson Blu, Savoy Grand, Riad hotels, etc. have opened hotels in Marrakech. If you book your Marrakech holidays well in advance, you can also find a cheap deal for one of these magnificent 5-star properties. You can choose from among palatial hotels with royal suites like Mandarin Oriental, Kenzi Menara Palace hotel or contemporary style hotels in Marrakech. The apartments in Marrakech are as luxurious as the hotels here. You can easily find a cheap deal for a luxurious and spacious villa with private pool, butler and fully functional kitchen.

Marrakech Overview

The imperial city of Marrakech is tucked away in the north of the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. Marrakech translates to “The Land of God” in Berber. Being the fourth largest city of Morocco, Marrakech is one of leading destinations in Africa and a base for exploring the rest of the country. The magnificent Medieval-Islamic style architecture of the city will soak you in Moroccan culture. The town has been a cultural centre since ages and it still reflects in its town squares, souks and markets, which are centers of trade for not just the tourists but also for nearby towns. The city is divided into Old City or Medina, which houses the souks and Modern City, which houses the commercial quarters and residential area.

Where to Stay on your Marrakech Holiday

The city centre is thriving with all kinds of accommodations – from budget 3 star hotels to prestigious riads. The luxury and grandeur of the city will mesmerize you. The city center is packed with not just sophisticated but also plenty of budget stays if you are looking for cheap accommodation in Marrakech. There are various chic hotels in Marrakech available at cheap prices. Many hotels in Marrakech also offer all-inclusive package, which is the best choice whether you are going with family or friends. With food, drinks and activities included, all you need to do is bring your gang. The rich history of the city invites many solo travellers too who can easily find cheap hotels and apartments in Marrakech city centre.

Things to See and Do in Marrakech

You can start your Marrakech holidays by taking a day tour of the city that will take you to its UNESCO Sites, souks and historical monuments like the Berber Museum Majorelle Garden, the 19th century ornate palace Le Jardin Secret, Bahia Palace, Saadian Tombs which is the Sultan’s mausoleum, ruins of El Badi Palace, etc. Marrakech also preserves its history in some of its ancient museums like Marrakech museum, Koutoubia Mosque, House of Photography museum, a museum of decorative items and Moroccan arts and crafts. You can also go for Camel safaris, Quad Safaris, or visit the 12th century Menara gardens with scenic views of the Atlas Mountains, 18h century Cyber Park botanical gardens, as well as the Jemaa el-Fnaa which is the hottest place to hang out and also has hawkers, entertainers, shops, etc.

Nightlife in Marrakech

The city center is the hub of nightlife in Marrakech although there are a few clubs in the city outskirts too like the Mariinski Night Club, 555 Famous Club, Pacha Marrakech that organize happening parties that continue till morning. In the city centre you will find many more clubs and bars like Theatro Marrakech, VIP Club, VIP Room, Must Club. There are many other traditional as well as chic bars and pubs like So Lounge, Kechmara, Lotus Club, Skybar, Canto Bar, Chesterfield Pub, etc. So you can find something for every taste. Most of the hotels in Marrakech have a bar onsite and also organize theme nights and DJ nights in peak seasons.

Food options in Marrakech

Moroccan cuisine is typically a marriage of Arabic, Andalusian, Berber and Mediterranean cuisines with a touch of European and Sub-Saharan cuisines. It involves a lot of use of locally grown Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, meats and spices. Tanjia Marrakshia, Ras el hanout, Briouats, Pastilla, Kefta, Crepinette, chebakia, etc. are some of the must try traditional Moroccan specialties. The areas of Bin Lkchali, Hivernage, Touareg, Bab Aylan, Kbour Chou, are all bustling with restaurants offering traditional to International cuisines like Lebanese, Italian, Indian, and much more. Some of the best known for traditional food are Latitude 31, Al Fassia, Ksar Essaoussan, Dar Cherifa and Grand Atlas. You can also try delicious grilled cuisines at one of the grills like Atay Café.

Shopping in Marrakech

The rich city of Marrakech is a mecca for shopping lovers. Although there are many large malls like Carre Eden and Menara Mall in Marrakech, the shopping experience in one of its many souks is something that you will not find elsewhere. The Old Marrakech area is a hub of shopping and trading thanks to the souks. These traditional Berber style souks sell everything from clothing to fresh produce and spices. Souk El Khemis, Souk Cheifia, Souk Lalla Rkia, Souk Semmarine, Saturday market at Ben Sassi, Azyka market are some of the popular souks in the Medina, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can continue your shopping at the Jemaa el-Fnaa which is a public square is open 24 hours and bustling with shops and eateries.

Trivia facts about Marrakech

The Jemaa el-Fnaa which is a major attraction is listed in the UNESCO World heritage sites. Religious nomads called the Almoravids wandered to the Tensift River, where they built their capital, establishing Marrakech in 1062. October to May is the best time to book your Marrakech holidays when the city experiences sunny days with little bit rain compared to the rest of the year when it is really hot and dry summers.

Fast Facts about Marrakech

Currency: Moroccan Dirhams

Language: Arabic and French

Nearest Airport: Menara International Airport (RAK)

Direct Flight time from Dublin to Marrakech: 3 hours 45 minutes

Transfer time from airport to Marrakech: 20 minutes

Time difference between Dublin and Marrakech: no time difference



Average Temperature (°C) is unavailable

Average Rainfall (mm) is unavailable

Marrakech Reviews

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10/10 Amazing

18 October 2010

Fatastic for winter sun, love the place, go back every year

Wandering around the Soukh and the medina is lovely during the day or at night. Tagines are great, the restaurants are beautiful and have a lot of atmosphere. The people are lovely and it is not spoilt by tourism yet,

The best thing about my stay was ...

The Soukh, the food, the people, the atmosphere, the weather

10/10 Amazing

01 October 2012


lovely cafes restaurants and tourist sites

The best thing about my stay was ...


10/10 Amazing

03 October 2011



The best thing about my stay was ...


10/10 Amazing

11 June 2012


Marrakech is a very beautiful and attractive city,historical and modern flavour=Marrakech

The best thing about my stay was ...

People of Marrakech are very nice people,

10/10 Amazing

09 November 2010

Another World

Marrakech is a different world in only 3 hours of fly!!

10/10 Amazing

04 March 2011

lovely red walled city

lovely red walled city but very noisy due to lots of mopeds around.take the marrakesh bus touristique to get a good idea of where evertyhing is in Marrakesh

The best thing about my stay was ...

everything very cheap

10/10 Amazing

30 October 2010

Marrakech - a wonderful exciting place to be.

We loved Marrakech because it is a city of many contrasts. You get the noise and smells of the souks and then the tranquillity of our riad. The people are very friendly and smile a lot. The women seem shy but also very willing to say hello. The Place at night is a brilliant experience and it is essential to eat atone of the many foodstalls. The modern town is interesting but we loced the Medina best. After the heat and dust of the city take a caleche ride to Les Jardins Majorelle - on oasis of peace and beauty.

The best thing about my stay was ...

The vibrancy and excitement.

10/10 Amazing

14 September 2012

seductive sensual exotic

I return every year to reclaim my joie de vivre

The best thing about my stay was ...

There's nothing like it!

10/10 Amazing

18 September 2013

Great vibrant city. Bargain shopping, fab food!

Thoroughly enjoyed our long weekend in Marrakesh, had great food, (even the street food in the night market) great bargain shopping, top SPA treatment, (Traditional Morrocan Hammam) Lovely hot weather to sun bathe and swim. Great city break destination.

The best thing about my stay was ...

Bargain shopping and Morrocan food.

10/10 Amazing

09 November 2010

Great City

Great city all the yaear

The best thing about my stay was ...


10/10 Amazing

09 February 2013

Busy, lively, great experience!

Marrakech is very lively, bustling city. What you always remember about Marrakech is sounds, smells and tastes! There is always lots to do, i like Menara Gardens , Cyber Park and also El Badi Palace but the most exciting is the main square - Jemma el Fna. Great for shopping - good quality leather goods ( very cheap ), spices. The food is lovely and very cheap, try chicken tagine with lemon and olives or with vegetables .I would recommend this city for couples and singles but it's not a place for children as it's too busy! Will be back again!

The best thing about my stay was ...


8/10 Great

23 February 2011

buzzing and full on

Amazing place, learnt so much while I was there - sadly didn't get to do all the shopping I wanted because for 2 days Marrakesh was shut for revolution!!! Just a case of bad timing though ... beautiful city ... wil definately return some time.

The best thing about my stay was ...

monkeys fighting in the square :)

8/10 Great

09 January 2011

Great interesting place to see

Mixture of very rich to very poor. Lots to see and do. Exciting centre if not a little scary at times especially when travelling with young kids hold on tight!! Great city to explore. Would return!

The best thing about my stay was ...

The people

8/10 Great

21 September 2013

shopping mad in marrakesh

Marrakesh brill for shopping in souks as long as you dont mind getting lost down alleys lol but dont worry theres always someone to help you get out so long as you pay them.I loved the square you need to be there, the atmosphere is electric it takes you away into a different world. I wouldnt have missed visiting Marrakesh i loved it.

The best thing about my stay was ...

The Square and souks

8/10 Great

04 May 2011

easy to do in a week

Marrakech grew on me. We were there two weeks which was probably too long at our hotel with its limited outside space. There are excursions to fill out your days but they come with hidden extras such as stopping off at local craft places to try and get you to part with more money. We ate cheaply in the square most nights but splashed out on an italian (Portofino) one night - very nice and went to the highly recommended Good Earth veggie restaurant another - great too with big portions. We went to the Essaouira on the bus by ourselves which was ok but a long ride back, train looked modern but it's still a long ride to Casablanca. We did the excursion to the waterfalls but you'll probably have to pay extra for a guide to help you climb to them (you must be fit) We were also less than a kilometre from the bomb when it went off so we were lucky. Even so I don't think we need to go again.

The best thing about my stay was ...


8/10 Great

26 August 2010


Even though it is only a 3 hour or so flight from the uk you enter a different world. A combination of the old and new. The medina is a fascinating experience with the Jmaa el Fna square being the highlight especially during the evening. Be prepared for hard bargaining during most occasions where money changes hands- even taxi fares.

The best thing about my stay was ...

The medina

8/10 Great

11 October 2010

good for the shopping and sunshine

Only 3.5 hours flight - so makes this very accessable alternative to the med. Good shopping - if you dont want to haggle go to the government fixed price shops - but they are not open on Sunday. Always barter with your taxi driver, you should generally pay half what he asks for but a taxi from your hotel is more than the taxi back. Try tagines and cous cous and the salads. Visit the main square and do a cookery experience. All in all a sun holiday with more culture!

The best thing about my stay was ...


8/10 Great

15 June 2013

una città tutta da scoprire

Sono stata 4 giorni a Marrakech e sono pochi per visitare una città così grande. Nella piazza principale jemaa el fna di giorno ci sono incantatori di serpenti, scimmie, aquile, signore che fanno tatuaggi all'henne o che leggono la mano, la sera invece diventa un grande ristorante sotto le stelle. Intorno alla piazza ci sono un'infinità di vicoli dove vendono merce di ogni tipo, ti sembra di essere tornata indietro nel tempo. Nella zona nuova invece si vede una città moderna e lussuosa con una vita notturna movimentata e con tantissimi locali alla moda frequentati da turisti e gente del posto con soldi.

The best thing about my stay was ...

piazza jemaa el fna

8/10 Great

10 September 2013


good for family holiday

The best thing about my stay was ...


8/10 Great

20 July 2013

Loved it!!

A visit to Marrakesh is a must. Make sure you visit the Medina at day and night as the atmosphere is very different. With museums, palaces, mosques and gardens it is a beautiful city. Marrakesh is very noisy day and night so if you are looking for quiet it's not for you. Taxis are cheap and in abundance or if you prefer can use the horse & carriage or "hop on hop off bus" to take a tour of the city. You will be hassled by street/market sellers wherever you go and there are adults & children begging everywhere but it didn't bother us as we expected it. If you do want to take photographs of anyone be prepared to pay for it although a few dirhams does the trick! We did witness a few aggressive incidents which generally involved the snake charmers who never seemed satisfied with the amount of money they were given for taking photos. Alcohol is not particularly easy to come by although you can get a beer or wine at most hotels or a few of the restaurants around the Medina. It isnt cheap though around £3.50-£4.00 for a small bottle of beer. Anyone wanting a city break with a difference would definitely recommend Marrakesh.

The best thing about my stay was ...

The Medina, mosques, palaces.