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Amsterdam Hotels and Apartments

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Accommodation in Amsterdam

Tucked in between the Haarlem and Almere cities in the western part of Netherlands, is the cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam. The Amstel River flows across the city and ends in the city centre and the North Sea canal connects the city to the North Sea. In the southwest there is Amsterdamse Bos, a man made forest. Thanks to high urbanization, you can find plenty of cheap hotels in Amsterdam in every neighbourhood. Whether you are looking for all-inclusive hotels or apartments, hostels or vintage buildings, Amsterdam has everything. Owing to low cost hotels in Amsterdam, cheap transport and conviviality, it has recently become a preferred destination for solo backpackers.

Amsterdam Overview

The medieval city and capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam, has evolved a lot since its formation in early medieval age from a fishing village to a major hub of commerce and culture. Each of the different neighbourhoods of this city have their own unique charm and individuality. Oud Zuid and Zuidoost are the cultural epicenter of Amsterdam whereas the Westerpark and Oost are vibrant neighbourhoods with a green backdrop. Oostelijke Eilanden is where contemporary architecture meet water whereas the NDSM Wharf is a former shipyard located on the banks of the River IJ has blossomed into an enormous cultural hotspot in recent years. So you have the option to choose from any of these neighbourhoods to find cheap hotels in Amsterdam on your next Amsterdam stay.

Where to Stay on your Amsterdam Holiday

Hotels in Amsterdam Metropolitan area range from historical buildings converted to sophisticated luxury hotels to hostels for modern day travellers. If you plan to stay and explore the city like a local, you can find cheap apartments in Amsterdam that are located in the heart of the city. Hostels, hotels, historical properties are strewn all around the city whichever neighbourhood you pick. So on you next Amsterdam holiday you don’t have to worry about finding a right kind of accommodation. Although central district is the preferred by many, Dam Square, Rembrandtplein, Leidseplein, Museumplein, Jordaan and Vondelpark also have many cheap hotels and apartments.

Things to See and Do in Amsterdam

The uniqueness of Amsterdam is preserved by the weirdness of the city which is home to attractions like Homomonument, adult entertainment market in Red Light District, age old art galleries to contemporary theatres, quirky museums, some even for cats, handbags, photography, sex museum, etc. If museums are a part of your itinerary, then you might want to get the “I Amsterdam City Card” which gets you free or discounted entries to most of them along with free public transport for your trip duration. Since the city has 165 navigable canals, you can take a tour of the city on the canal cruise, or you can also choose bike tours as the city has proper cycling tracks or go guided day tour of the city. Amsterdam is a heaven for art and music lovers. If art is your fuel, then you are in the right place as Amsterdam is the Mecca of contemporary artists. Your tour of the city is incomplete unless you have spotted windmills and tulips and visited the fortified town of Naarden.

Amsterdam Nightlife

Talking about the nightlife for which Amsterdam is known over worldwide, there are venues, dance and music festivals and clubs suited for every taste. The dance and music festivals attracts some of the best DJs, artists and music lovers from around the world. Some hotels in Amsterdam also hold weekly club nights with complimentary drinks. If you are a serious party animal as they call, then getting an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket is a good option as it gets you 7 days of unlimited access to 12 different clubs and free entry to the world famous Paradiso and legendary club Escape. There are casinos and clubs open night long where you can party till morning. A significant part of the hustle of the nightlife is also due to the red light district.

Food options in Amsterdam

They say that food lovers enjoy their food three times: first of all, when they see it, secondly, when they smell its aroma and third, when they taste it. Amsterdam hotels and standalone eateries both live up to this thought as you can easily find Indonesian to tapas, and from Mediterranean to modern Dutch to International cuisine. On your next Amsterdam holiday, you can also splurge on authentic street food from the eateries as well as at the culinary festivals and events. Amsterdam cafes are known for comfort food and great beers and appropriate to chill out and read a book or listen to great music. Although the food is now as mixed as the culture, you will be delighted with multiple cuisine options for sure.

Where to shop in Amsterdam

Amsterdam houses some of the talented budding fashion talents. It has a wide range of options for upscale and high-end shopping, big fashion brands and other branded wear. There is everything from fashion chains to malls, branded stores to independent shops of up-and-coming designers. Each of Amsterdam's neighbourhoods offer different shopping experience. The hip Nine Streets, the luxury boutiques in grand Oud Zuid, vintage delights around Waterlooplein, are unique in their own way. Albert Cuyp Market, De Looier Arts & Antiques, Oudemanhuispoort Book Market, are few other markets that deserve a visit. You can shop for vintage style dresses, recycled bicycles, antique decorations, porcelain craft, multicoloured Makkum china, and much more. If you like cheap shopping, you must visit the flea market in Waterlooplein.

Interesting facts about Amsterdam

Estimates conclude that there are more bikes in Amsterdam than permanent residents! The Dutch flaunt their national pride with orange colour so vehemently although the national flag has red and white colours is because the royal family has its roots in the House of Oranje-Nassau and thus orange symbolizes pride in being a Dutch. The symbol XXXs and numbers around Amsterdam might draw your curiosity. The XXX are three vertical St. Andrew’s crosses and a complete co-incidence that it coincides with a modern entertainment form. The letters “I Amsterdam” is found written around several places which is being followed by tourists. For those who believe that smoking pot is legal in Amsterdam might be interested in knowing that it is not. Although considered a lowbrow form of entertainment by some, coffee shops play a vital role in Dutch tourism as some of them with legal permits sell it OTC and allow smoking.

Fast Facts about Amsterdam

Currency: Euros

Language: Dutch, English

Nearest Airport: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol  

Flight time from Dublin to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol: 1.5 hours



Average Temperature (°C) is unavailable

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Amsterdam Reviews

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10/10 Amazing

25 May 2012

So much to experience

Many different places of interest to visit, all with easy access. Very friendly people.

The best thing about my stay was ...


10/10 Amazing

19 May 2013


Amsterdam doesn't have to be expensive. Learn the tricks and it's no more expensive than here in the UK. Buy a tram pass from the GVB office opposite the station. 2 days 12 euro 3 days 16 euro, for unlimited tram and bus travel around the city There's tram tracks everywhere and trams every 10 minutes. If you choose to travel in a taxi, it'll be arond 10 euros plus per trip. Eat and drink on the Damrak or any other main square and expect to pay central London prices or more, about 7 euros a pint and 35 euros for a decent sit down meal, but head down the side steets and the prices start to fall significantly. Amsterdam is not just all about hash and the red light district. You can happily walk around the city in all it's entirity at night safe and hassle free, and you'd be surprised at the number of couples and groups of women there. It's not just a man's city.

10/10 Amazing

30 March 2011

As mad or as quiet as you want it to be!

Shop, drink, chill, dance, smoke, tour, eat, laugh, cry, walk, sail.... You can do so much in Amsterdam.... it's not just about the Wallens. I love this city...and when the sun shines...it's soooo much better!

The best thing about my stay was ...

The dutch people...

10/10 Amazing

01 August 2011

Amsterdam was great !!

Such a nice city, it has everything, easy-going and I felt safe there.Shopping was fantastic - will be back

The best thing about my stay was ...

Easy-going attitude for a capital city,.....and the shopping !!!

10/10 Amazing

28 March 2012



10/10 Amazing

24 September 2010

Everyone must go to Amsterdam

This is defo a place that everyone should visit in their lifetime :-) x

10/10 Amazing

19 December 2010

Good city

So much to see and do and everything is within walking distance. Went this time during the snow and the canals were beautiful.

10/10 Amazing

07 June 2011

Amsterdam Stag Do

Brilliant place. Have been with my partner and her parents and on my stag do within the last 6 months and had great time on both. Great city, great people.

10/10 Amazing

01 September 2010

Great city for people looking for fun

Lovely place with around 100 canals and 1000 bridges criss-crossing the city. Lots of things to see and to do.

The best thing about my stay was ...

Bustling with life.

10/10 Amazing

28 May 2013

Great place and will back some time

Good place plenty place to eat and drink

The best thing about my stay was ...


10/10 Amazing

01 December 2011

Fantastic city. Eat your heart out, Barca.

Second time I've been to Amsterdam. Great just walking about the centre. Don't miss the Bols place opposite the van Gogh museum. Locals are very frindly and helpful. Everyone speaks excellent English and shop and bar staff are all brilliant. Best way to sum up the feel for the city is like this: bikes, cars and pedestrians all share the same roads. There are no arguments at crossings and everyone allows everyone else time. If that was in the UK, there'd be gridlock and a mass brawl at every intersection. Nice, polite people. I'm going again next year. It isn't Rome, but it is unique and great. Try the bitterballen with a beer.

The best thing about my stay was ...

Kitschy, cooky, easy to get around. Loads of great bars and restaurants.

10/10 Amazing

21 November 2010


It's Amsterdam-Fantastic

The best thing about my stay was ...

The Dutch people

10/10 Amazing

20 August 2012

Great city to visit

Having both visited Amsterdam in the past many times we knew what to expect, we had fantastic weather the 4 days we were there which meant most of the time was spent outdoors, plenty to see and do, eat and drink, the only down side we experienced was the fact that in almost every bar and restaurant we visited we had to pay to use the toilets which when you are having your lunch or dinner or a few drinks somewhere we don't think personally you should have to do! Apart from that we had a great time as always.

The best thing about my stay was ...

Very diverse City

10/10 Amazing

04 January 2011

New Year Party

Excellent city! Loads to do and New Year was great! Lots of fireworks and thousands of people on the streets celebrating. Plenty of bars, restaurants and attractions.

The best thing about my stay was ...

There is always plenty to do!

10/10 Amazing

07 October 2013

amazing fun stay

love the city the people and the atmosphere. so much to see and do.

The best thing about my stay was ...

the sights

10/10 Amazing

14 February 2013

Brilliant fun

A real feel good place, full of fun and laughs. Good food, nice people, lots to see and do, red light district is ace.

The best thing about my stay was ...

The people

10/10 Amazing

31 March 2012

So much to do!

Even if your not a smoker there still tons to do

The best thing about my stay was ...

So much to do!

10/10 Amazing

20 December 2010

Great city!

Amsterdam is a great city with million things to see and to do! Just walk along the canals, visit a museum and go shopping!

The best thing about my stay was ...


10/10 Amazing

15 May 2011

Something for everyone!

Been several times before, but you still often end up in a part you've never seen before! The shopping, museums, red light area, boat trips, parks, restaurants, bars, clubs, you are never short of things to do, even when its raining!

The best thing about my stay was ...

Variety of things to do and see.

10/10 Amazing

17 July 2013


great hotel